Holualoa Companies is a real estate investment firm focused on the successful acquisition, repositioning, redevelopment and disposition of underperforming real estate assets. Our investments span the United States and Europe and include office, retail, industrial, multi-family, hotel and mixed-use investment properties.Holualoa Companies is an experienced, opportunistic investor for its own account and on behalf of a select group of private investors. Our rigorous analysis and due diligence, executed by our disciplined and seasoned management team, is the basis of our success. We believe that a patient and thorough approach will continue to yield compelling investment opportunities throughout business cycles highs and lows.Holualoa Companies takes pride in its detailed due diligence process. Before proceeding with any real estate investment, our team of professionals investigates all facets of the project, evaluates potential risks and rewards and then acts decisively. At the time of acquisition, a comprehensive plan is created which serves to benchmark each investment’s performance. Senior asset managers retain responsibility for their investments from acquisition through disposition. This rigorous process allows us to take on complex projects, leveraging the skills of our management team to successfully develop, acquire, or reposition investment properties.

A critical element of our overall strategy is to maximize returns to our investors by intensively managing our properties. Our asset management approach is designed with the goal of continually improving the value of our investment properties. It has been our experience that focusing on tenant satisfaction leads to high occupancy and low turnover and contributes to maximizing income and value. This leads to satisfied investors, who are the lifeblood of Holualoa Companies, supplying the capital necessary to acquire future outstanding deals.

Holualoa Companies’ size is also a strength. The Company is small enough to maintain a responsive, entrepreneurial spirit, but large enough to commit appropriate resources to opportunities. Our broad investment mandate, wide universe of relationships and in-depth approach all serve to maximize our deal flow. Many of our opportunities are proprietary, which helps Holualoa Companies to invest capital efficiently and take advantage of limited competition to acquire assets with attractive pricing. Our access to such proprietary deal flow, coupled with our extensive market experience, allows us to maintain strict pricing discipline, which further contributes to our investment success.