When choosing investment property, Holualoa Companies’ focus on “outstanding deals only” gives us the ability to provide value to our tenants. Value, together with good property asset management – defined as making an investment property at year-end better in every way than it was at the beginning of the year – leads to satisfied tenants.Satisfied tenants lead to high occupancy and low turnover, while maximizing net operating income and value, which leads to satisfied investors. Satisfied investors are thelifeblood of Holualoa Companies, supplying the capital necessary to acquire future outstanding investment property deals.

Holualoa Companies exercises a disciplined approach to investment, focusing on under-performing residential and commercial properties that are often overlooked by others and opportunities where the seller is highly motivated. Our typical investment ranges from $5 million to $50 million.

In general, we prefer office, industrial, retail/commercial or residential investment properties that are multi-tenant facilities with total or partial vacancy, below replacement cost, with below market rent and/or short-term rollover. Residential and commercial investment properties are also considered for rehabilitation and development.